Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Special Presentation in Montreal's Festival du Nouveau Cinema

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Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Exclusive Report

This is is pending a major redesign. Please visit the forums for more updated information.

Nov-29-2004: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Pictures Downloads!

Hey everyone,

Our Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Special Edition Report now contains Downloadable Pictures!

Althought the report will still link to the protected flash images, a link from every page will be added to the new section:

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Pictures Download

In addition we have created a small Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Fansite Program

All the current images are also available for download through a few .ZIP compressed files on the Announcement Thread of the FF7:AC Pictures Download Release (registration required for download).

At last for your information thirst, 73 new html pages has been written...and 94 has been modified...


Webmaster and Administrator

Oct-30-2004 : Part 3 Online!

Ladies and Gentlemen.'s Team is proud to announce that the third and final part of the Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Special Report is now available online! We hope that you will enjoy reading through it and that you will not be deceived by all the work the Team has put into this project.

As you may have noticed, this was no ordinary report. It deviated more towards "story telling" than a simple report or review. Our primary goal while working was to display all necessary material so that you could experience FF7:AC as much as we did. We once again apologize for the time you had to wait and the inconvenience that you have encountered.

The entire Team thanks you for your patience and incredible support. It has been a very fruitful experience for all of us and we hope it was the same for you.

We hope that you will still be joining us on our forums and websites for further discussions. feedbacks, comments and critiques.

Thank You,



Fun Facts:
  • Jerzideva and Klonoa lost alot of their hair trying to select the proper pictures.
  • Daeya skipped 6 out of 12 classes this week.
  • Daemon has now been consumed by Sephiroth.
  • JoonHee became our hot topic of conversation.
  • Night time seems to pass much faster than day time.
  • When sleep deprived, Jerzideva's noodle aiming skills decrease drastically; hence, he now throws pho. pad thai or even chow mein!
  • When someone bets with Daeya, they always end up loosing (*nudge* Jerzideva, *nudge*Daemon)
  • Daemon is now certified Evil.

Oct-30-2004 : Part 2 Online!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Once again,'s Team returns with another segment of the FF7: Advent Children Special Report. This is the second part which chronogically takes off where part one ended. Once more, we humbly apologize for the long wait.

Part Two undeniably took more time and work to put together.
We really wanted to bring you the entire environment with as much details as possible. The pictures of this sequel were much harder to take due the night and fast paced scenes. As you read along, we hope that you will not be disappointed by our efforts.'s Team wants to thank you for your time, support and comprehension.
We are eagerly waiting for feedback, comments and critics.

Part 3...The Conclusion.

- Daeya (on behalf od the Team)

Fun Facts:
  • The report was a 12kb notepad document.
  • It took the team almost 3 hours to choose the pictures.
  • Daeya spent 1 hour trying to edit Vincen't cape but in vain...
  • Jerzideva likes to slap people with wet noodles.
  • Joon likes zippers.
  • Daemon works by the Standard Asian Time.
  • Besides from seeing Tifa in his dreams, Klonoa is officially our "press conference" and negotiator guy.
  • Writing Final Fantasy reports does things to you.

Oct-23-2004: Part 1 Online!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The moment we all have been waiting for.'s Team is proud to announce that Part 1 of Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Special Edition Report is now up. You can read the Full Report or simply browse through the pictures in the Picture Gallery.

The images you see consist of a small fraction of all the pictures taken. These screenshots have been chosen to help you visualise certain scenes more easily. We apologize if the shots look a bit grainy, there really wasn't enough light. We did our best to deliver you the highest quality for both images and text. We hope that we've met the standards in terms of information you've been expecting.

Thank you all for your patience and encouragements.

Part two is in the process.

- Daeya (on behalf od the Team)

Fun Facts:
  • The people working on the report were: Jerzideva, Klonoa, JoonHee, Daemon and Daeya.
  • The team had an average 0 hour of sleep in the last 2 days.
  • Jerzideva has a photographic memory and an obsession with details.
  • Daemon does not like sleep: he coded 10 hours straight.
  • Klonoa would have made a good debt collector: All we needed, he got for us.
  • JoonHee kept us awake while we were working.
  • Daeya spent about 15 minutes editing each picture.
  • Coffee, Coke and Brawls were the beverages of choice.
  • All the members were listening to the FF7 soundtrack while working.

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