Hellsing Wallpaper: Delusive

Hellsing Wallpaper featuring Alucard from a scan of the Hellsing DVD cover.
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Hellsing Wallpaper: Delusive : Hellsing Wallpapers Gallery

Hellsing Wallpaper: Delusive : Hellsing Wallpapers Gallery

Hellsing Wallpaper: Delusive 2.0
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Hellsing Wallpaper

Hellsing Wallpaper: Delusive

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Hellsing Wallpaper

Hellsing Wallpaper Title: Delusive
Hellsing Wallpaper Category: Hellsing Wallpapers
Featured Hellsing Characters: Alucard, Arucard
Hellsing Wallpaper Keywords: anime hellsing wallpaper, alucard wallpaper

Hellsing Wallpaper Information

       by Daeya, The One and Only
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This Hellsing Wallpaper features pictures of Alucard from the Hellsing DVD series. The pictures on this Hellsing Wallpaper are made from an original Hellsing Wallpaper by Kouta Hirano.
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Wallpaper Artist: Daeya (Pauline Huynh)
Original Hellsing Artist: Kouta Hirano
Date Posted: 2003.12.02
Original Wallpaper Dimensions: 1024 x 768

Last Page Update: February 02 2004 @ 12:17:49 AM EST (GMT-5:00)
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